You are deeply passionate about your work in the world, but you feel the weight of isolation and disconnection in our culture, and sometimes it’s unbearable.

Because you are deeply empathic, you are sensitive to the pain and trauma of others, and carry your own pain and trauma.

Do you find yourself over-giving, dimming your light so you won’t outshine others, feeling guilty when you’re happy or successful, having a hard time saying no, or matching other people’s moods and feelings? If so, you have developed ‘over-empathy’ as a coping mechanism.

You know that you are here to help others. You have a strong sense of justice and purpose and are driven to see yourself and others succeed and thrive. You care passionately about the planet and sustainable ways of being. But you struggle with PTSD, chronic pain/illness, mental health, addiction, or codependence.

Whether you have already been on a healing journey or are currently at a crisis point that's asking you to look within, you DO believe that healing is possible. You just need help getting to the root of it, and you know you need tools and support finding your way forward.

Earthstar Institute is devoted to building toolkits that help us recover from trauma, create stronger boundaries, learn healthy ways of relating, and move from a deep, strong, and powerful sense of self.

Just imagine how it would feel to embody your creative potential on a cellular level. You move from a sense of inner-knowing, you are grounded and inspired. You are cultivating deep relationship with the Earth and your ancestors. You feel supported as you navigate your challenges. And you know you are part of a great wave of change. 

Are you an empath, healer or helper?

Join our community and receive simple practices to create stronger boundaries, enhance your vitality and have a healthy relationship with your emotions🌈


"Beth’s healing stays with me. It has shown me where I come from and is helping me move deeper into who I am. Sometimes, as a healer, you need other healers to show you the blind spots you can’t see yourself. Beth’s work is shamanic and beyond the veil."

Zeah Katz, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Beth’s subtle perceptions are amazingly accurate and affirming of my own self-awareness. Beth brings deep insight, consideration and kindness to our work that help me feel seen, heard, and cared for. Today, I came in with profound physical fatigue and emotional cloudiness. I left feeling completely relaxed yet energized, and emotionally renewed."

Whitney Bakaleinikoff, Vedic Astrologer

"I had an amazing first session with Beth at Earthstar. After an in-depth aura reading, I feel a deep sense of clarity. So many thoughts have been confirmed. I am super excited for our next session: this is a vital aspect of my self-care."

Milli Cannata, Realtor

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