Earthstar Institute was founded by Beth Steinmann as a platform for education, healing, and Earth advocacy. Beth has been on a mission to help change the world since childhood. She remembers seeing news footage from the first Gulf War as a young person and thinking, “this is a total lie!” Knowing that she was part of the Indigo generation, here to take part in a global shake up to clear the way for the future, she was hopeful when the California Loma Prieta earthquake hit in 1989, and again on 9/11, 2001, that humanity would receive a wake-up call. But as global wars continued and the naiveté of youth slipped away, she realized it would take MUCH more, and turned her focus to inner-healing, with visions of every human experiencing an awakening that meant “no turning back!”

Individual awakening is just the beginning. We also ask, “How will we create healing and sustainable change in our communities together? How will we reverse damage and harm that continue to be inflicted? How do we honor each other and hold each other accountable at the same time?” Earthstar is an ongoing exploration of the inter-connectedness of personal and cultural change-making.

Earthstar’s core values include dismantling colonialism and walking a path of peace, both of which are daily practices.  The interplay of privilege, inter-generational trauma, and cultural identity create fertile ground for ongoing discussion. Earthstar recognizes all beings as deserving of compassion and forgiveness in this process of healing and reconciliation.


Beth Steinmann is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a certified i2 Tantra practitioner, and a certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner. Her services including tantra, energy healing, shamanic healing, psychic readings and mentorship. Check the Healing page for Beth’s biography. Certified Earth Advocates also offer their services. To learn more about free healings through the Trauma Healing Collective, visit the Advocacy page.


Workshops and classes take place both online and in-person (in the Greater Bay Area, California), and are facilitated by Beth Steinmann, Certified Earth Advocates, or guest facilitators. Once a class is offered online, it remains available to take any time.


Earthstar’s ongoing community advocacy efforts include the Trauma Healing Collective, which connects holistic health practitioners with those suffering from recent trauma for free services. Check the Advocacy page to find out about current projects and possibilities for involvement. All Advocacy services are free, discounted, or by donation.