“When I met Beth I was struggling with extreme anger management and inability to feel close to people. My health, relationships, sex life and work life have all turned around in the past few months. I love how comfortable and safe she makes me feel. Our sessions are a safe-haven for me to learn more from my experiences and understand my motives. It’s such a blessing to have found her.”Jon Stone, age 24
Beth is a natural teacher, and her inclusive style of facilitation empowers the group with a co-creative learning experience that is deeply fulfilling. Her programs have helped me grow by leaps and bounds on many levels, and have added a new dimension and depth to my herbalism and flower essence practices.” Ro Feltman, floraluma.com
“Beth’s subtle perceptions are amazingly accurate and affirming of my own self-awareness. She brings deep insight, consideration and kindness that leave me feeling seen, heard, and cared for. Today, I came in with profound physical fatigue and emotional cloudiness. I left feeling completely relaxed yet energized, and emotionally renewed. Beth is an advanced Being and I am blessed to have worked with her!” Whitney, age 34
“Beth has an amazing array of resources and knowledge. Her life experience, education and knowledge, coupled with her compassion, non-judgmental style and amazing intuition have made big changes possible for me. She is a true healer.”Darcy, age 65
“Beth is a very bright, honest, sincere human being with a real gift for being there for people. She helps others by being present for them without judgement, seeing the potential positive and being able to communicate that clearly.”Peter Turner, age 64
“I have my Soul Portrait on an altar in my bedroom. I think about the reading every day. This has been very powerful for me, and has explained some of the things that were popping up in my life and gave me permission to do what I was feeling called to do but didn’t understand. Thank you, Beth!”Jen Frey, brigidsway.com
“Thank you so much for your wonderful reading! It touched me deeply and I’m so inspired by it. I learned so much about myself and my mission. THANK YOU for the affirmation of my soul. Can’t wait to do more work with you!”Lynda Williams, Physics Professor
“In a few fast months, Beth has helped me identify patterns I’ve had around sexuality that had been holding me back since my teenage years. She coached me to ask women for what I want in a way that is clear, respectful and effective and to be at peace with their response whatever it is. No longer is the dating game a mess of confusing communication for me. This makes all the difference in the world. I understand myself and my wants and needs much better, which gives me the freedom to attract the type of women I want to be with into my life. My favorite parts of working together are the laughter, joy, authenticity and results. Thank you!”Jason Freeman, jasonwfreeman.com, author of "Awkwardly Awesome"
“My favorite part about working with Beth was talking about sex candidly to a woman. All the challenges and glories, nothing held back. Getting acknowledged and supported. I was able to get clear about the challenges I was facing and to move forward in asking women out, starting to date and having fabulous sex. No more anxiety of performance. I was able to return to the experience of multi-orgasmic sex in a very powerful way.”Gary Olsen, Age 40